A Doll’s House

UK Tour

'Nora, stop it - you're dancing as if your life depended on it!'

'It does!'

Mr & Mrs Helmer are the iconic power couple. They excel at work, staying on top, socialising. They excel at excelling. 

But as his autobiography rolls out around Christmas-time, it seems there are a few things that Mr. Helmer may not have mentioned in the foreword.

Working with some of the UK's leading Mental Health and Domestic Abuse charities, we use Verbatim interviews and emotive Choreography to rocket Ibsen's famous tale into a hugely relevant re-telling for modern audiences.

Exploring stigmas around gender expectations and mental health, this artful adaptation focuses on the impossible idolisation of one 'perfect' woman, by a man who walks with weights around his ankles.

"A Doll's House" showcases the play-writing collaboration of two of Theatrical Niche's founding members, as well as the direction of critically-acclaimed artist, Alice Sillett. This new production incorporates the words and intonations of mental abuse & mental health problem sufferers, giving Ibsen a resoundingly contemporary voice.

‘Utilising choreography by Amy Lawrence, the cast through movement and the spoken word indirectly give a context to the play’s 21st century world.’ ★★★★★ – BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL

'West End Worthy' ★★★★★ – COLCHESTER LIFE

‘The piece’s strengths lie in this collision of, as the company themselves put it, Verbatim interviews and Emotive Choreography. The choreography was indeed emotive and the use of real-life accounts of abuse and mental issues were creatively delivered and resulted in moving moments of physical expression and devastating recounts of cruelty.’ – LONDON THEATRE


Mary Stuart - The Musical

Mountview Academy

"Let her dare to seem the thing she is"

January 1587. Two Queens. Two Rivals. One English Throne. Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, imprisoned figurehead for revolutionaries and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I the Virgin Queen, face each other for the first and last time in this brand new musical adaptation of Schiller’s thrilling drama.

'Remarkable new work in development' - BRITISH THEATRE

The Winter's Tale

UK Tour

"A sad tale is best for winter"

Bears & Vagabonds presents their Monuments Tour adaptations of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale & Richard II.

The double bill of performances for the Monuments Tour, will be helping to raise money and awareness for their chosen charity The Mental Health Foundation.

'Stunning' - GOLDSMITHS


The Trackers Of Oxyrhynchus 

The Finborough Theatre

“I'm a God, Apollo, but I was tipped
On a rubbish tip inside this manuscript.
I’ve spent two thousand years asleep
On an Oxyrhynchus rubbish heap.”

In a new production commissioned by the Finborough Theatre, the rediscovery of Tony Harrison’s The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus in its first London production for nearly 30 years. Egypt, 1907. Two archaeologists, Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt, are searching for ancient fragments of poetry and plays, next to an old rubbish heap. Until the Greek God, Apollo, descends from the skies…

'Their dancing has to be seen to be believed... Unmissable.'  ★★★★★ - REVIEWS GATE

'And with Amy Lawrence's vigorous choreography, it is a joy to hammer in the New Year with some robust clog-dancing' - ★★★★ FINANCIAL TIMES

'Choreography from Amy Lawrence launches the chorus of rampant satyrs into stirring clog routines — reviving hobnailed Yorkshire traditions and creating a kind of ancient Riverdance.' - ★★★★ DAILY MAIL

'[The staging] thanks to Amy Lawrence's clog choreography, carries a charge.' - WHATS ON STAGE

'This production shows great style, particularly in the rowdy and bawdy presentation of the Satyrs whose stompy tap-dancing rituals are carefully choreographed by Amy Lawrence to convey a real sense of danger and intimidation.' - REVIEWS HUB

'Amy Lawrence's full blooded choreography' - THE STAGE

Jack Frost

UK Tour

Jack Frost is brought to life through puppetry, dance, live music and enchanting storytelling. Meet our mischievous sprite as he takes us on a snowy adventure and spreads winter wherever he goes. Wrap up warm or you’ll catch him nipping at your toes!




The Blue Elephant Theatre (Scratch Performance)

"There’s a special kind of comfort in thinking it could all end in silence."

You are now twenty nine. A few weeks ago, you attempted to stay twenty nine forever. You failed. Now words fail you. But you have to attempt to explain anyway. 

This is a story about the fragments of time that hide between words. The things on the fringes of your consciousness. The scenes that happen out of the corner of your eye. A compelling tale without an ending told to whoever’s around to hear it.

Catharsis in association with Underfoot present a heady, physical account of euphoria, redemption, and extremity. 




New Wimbledon Theatre

A stunning new adaptation of Aristophanes’ famous comedy. One woman’s fight to end the Peloponnesian war. The only weapon she has is sexuality... but she knows how to use it.

'This was real ensemble playing, every cast member demonstrating great physicality as they moved, fought and danced through the piece... A joy to watch' - THE FRINGE REVIEW





The Hen And Chickens Theatre

A selection of classic ghost stories, in a thrilling new adaptation by Theatrical Niche Ltd.

‘The most horrifying of tales have been hand-selected in an artfully choreographed production to both scintillate and terrify… exquisite physical theatre’ - Off West End

‘Amy Lawrence's swirling choreography for The Cold Embrace suits the Italian setting and the importance of the serpent ring given by the faithless lover to his intended bride.’ - WHAT'S ON STAGE



The Rosmary Branch Theatre

Loyalty and passion duel to the death in this world-famous triangle of the heart and dagger. A bride-to-be promises herself to a good and loving fiancé, but the sound of horse hooves at her gate tell of a previous love not yet forgotten.

‘Set in a dry and bleak area of Spain during the civil war, with music, dance and excerpts of Spanish… Blood Wedding has many beautiful and enchanting elements.’ - BARGAIN THEATRE

‘Mesmerising, urgent and dangerous ... one of the best versions I’ve seen’ - WHAT'S PEEN SEEN



The Cockpit Theatre

Brought to life in-the-round through use of puppetry, dance and live folk music.

‘Presented in the round, this production places emphasis on music and physicality from start to end’ - What’s On Stage

‘The movement work which adds to the whimsical feel of the production…is slick and creates moments of real beauty and imagination’ - A YOUNGER THEATRE

‘This was quite an unusual rendition… using movement, dance, live music and puppetry… the combination lent a lot to the mystical, magical feel of The Tempest.’ - EVERYTHING THEATRE


Nights of Enchantment

The Etcetera Theatre

Trapped in a disused room in the Sultan's palace, the Princess and her cohorts tell each other stories of their childhood to keep their fear at bay. Each story takes us deeper into their world of magic and mystery, sultans and sorcery, and into a world where words have the ultimate power in matters of life and death.

‘A very enjoyable play, with brilliant dance, physical theatre, voice, puppets and masks’ - EVERYTHING THEATRE

All elements are smoothly and subtlety integrated, carefully woven into a delicate blend of song, dance and storytelling.’ - BARGAIN THEATRE


The Tsvarevich and the Wolf

The Etcetera Theatre

The small Tree Folk Theatre Company use song, dance, storytelling, puppetry and a few simple props to tell the old Russian fairytale of Ivan Tsarevich’s search for a firebird that has been stealing golden apples.

'Ethereal dance sequences… The Tsarevich and the Wolf is a beautiful, compelling story and a merry debut from a company I hope to see a lot more of in the future.' - EVERYTHING THEATRE

'It is testament to strong storytelling that I was left wanting more.' - CAMDEN NEW JOURNAL


The Second Shepherd's Play

The New Diorama Theatre

Three shepherds sit on a hill complaining about the weather, their sore feet and anything else they can think of. A weary stranger comes along asking to sleep by their fire and, being a generous bunch they let him stay for the night. However, little do they know their guest is actually notorious sneak-sheep-thief on the look out for a lamb to take home for his supper. Will the shepherds realize in time and rescue their flock? Or will the intruder make off with the woolly loot!

Aimed at introducing medieval theatre to a younger audience this adapted version of "the Second Shepherd's Play" by the Wakefield Master" used folk music, dance and puppetry to bring to life this mystery play that sees the shepherds from the Nativity story recast as a bunch of bumbling clowns set amidst a farcical story of theft and disguise. 


A Midsummer Night's Dream

The New Diorama

Chaos reigns in the forests outside Athens as gods wage war, lovers unite and the local am-dram troupe tries to find a decent spot to rehearse. An astonishing combination of some of Shakespeare's most hauntingly lyrical language and broadest humour this was Pell Mell's very first show. 

Set in the dazzling world of the 1920's and influenced by everything from the Ballet Russe to early jazz this sold out production brought music, mischief and mayhem to the Camden Fringe. 

Working with a range of contemporary artists we adapted Purcell's "The Fairy Queen" using the instruments and styles of the early 20th century to create masques interweaving music and dance throughout Shakespeare's text.

'A confident young cast stage a sexy 1920s take on Shakespeare'HAM AND HIGH